Pet Food Assistance

As rising cost make it harder on all of us, sometimes an unexpected financial hardship makes things worse and creates a situation that requires hard choices.

We want to ensure that no pet in our community goes hungry, requires rehoming or is surrendered to the local shelter do to a financial hardship.

It is less stress on the pet, more cost effective, less work, and over all requires less resources for a shelter to ensure pets aren’t unnecessarily surrendered. 

We currently offer pet food assistance to pet caregivers living in the Point Place 43611 zip code. We will expand our service area in the future.


Currently for residents of 43611

You must have a Ohio Drivers License or Ohio State Id showing your address in the 43611 zip code. Only one recipient per household.

We may expand into other zip codes in time once we are established and we have enough resources to cover the extra cost.


Fill out the application.

Let us know briefly your circumstances, how many pets, and their needs. Pets must be spayed or neutered or the caregiver is working towards it.

We don’t require a lot of  documentation to receive help from us. Like our Fuzzmugs Facebook page and follow Fuzzmugs for important notices.

We typical only provide for maximum of 2 dogs and 2 cats per household.

We can help at times with food for community cats.


What you need to have and do for us.

There is no cost to you for any of the pet supplies that we offer to you. We just ask that you help spread the news through social media or by word of mouth that we need donations to help fund our mission to feed the pets in need.


Distribution days.

Our distribution schedule will depend on the amount of request.

We offer delivery to seniors or a homebound pet owner depending on the circumstances.

Our Pet Supplies

Our pet supplies comes from the Greater Goods Charity pet goods program that we participate in.

We blessed because of generous donations from companies like Chewy, PetSmart, Arm & Hammer, Purina, Merrick, Royal Canin, Hills, JM Smuckers, Rachael Ray, Mars, and many so more.

These companies make is possible for Fuzzmugs and other animal welfare groups all over the country that are 501(c)3 nonprofits to be able to provide necessary supplies to animals in need.

We only have to pay for the shipping cost. This is substantially cheaper than paying retail prices. A pallet of food may retail for $4000 and our shipping cost maybe $125 – $250, depending on the weight of the pallet. We are able to do more with donations from our supporters by spending much less to support our mission by not having to pay retail pricing.

Our pet food assistance program

Our pet food assistance program is meant to be a temporary solution to help pet caregivers out during unexpected financial hardship with supplemental food. You should feed your normal brand of pet food, but just at a reduced amount and make up the difference with the food that we provide. The reason for that is, we don’t always have the same brand of food that you may have received before or what you maybe currently feeding. We want to try to prevent upsetting your pets digestive system by sudden diet changes. 

In some cases we may provide assistance on a more permanent basis for seniors or someone disabled. We evaluate this on a case by case basis.

We must make sure the pet supplies that we distribute does go to the ones in need. We try to make the process painless in receiving help and don’t require people to jump through unnecessary hoops.

Fuzzmugs doesn’t allow our approved recipients to sell, trade, or try to return any merchandise that was received from Fuzzmugs to any store. Fuzzmugs reserves the right to deny or terminate anyone for any reason from our program. Please follow our rules.

Also, realize that at times some of our supplies will be close or slightly over the use by date. But it is still good and great quality. Rescues and Shelters all over the country are using the same supplies with no problems. Most pet food is not like a gallon of milk that can rapidly spoil. The general concession from the manufactures is dry food can be used up to a year after the use by date and wet canned food used up to two years after the use by date. After that it doesn’t necessarily spoil but its nutritional values will decline. 


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